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Rise of the ocean tribe

  • Length
    6 x 60 Minutes
  • Location
  • Director(s)
    Bob van de Gronde


Rise of the Ocean Tribe captures the uprising of ocean activists worldwide. Determined to prevent the collapse of an ecosystem, their mission is to save the planet from an imminent mass extinction event. By surfacing the truth, deploying new technologies and using guerilla tactics, these oceanic heroes are stepping up their game.


Rise of the Ocean Tribe chooses to ‘package’ serious topics in an adventurous way. While not shying away from the drama, this series focuses on the solutions.. The show revolves around passionate characters, meaningful journeys and spirited initiatives. By Amplifying their story this series aims to be a catalyst for change. Rise of the Ocean tribe allows viewers to disconnect from their daily routines and reconnects them with nature.

To fund the documentary series, a novel approach of selling NFTs is being used. The NFTs are short looping GIFS of endangered marine species. Follow the link below to learn more and become a part of Rise of the Ocean Tribe.