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Our waters

  • Length
    8 min.
  • Location
    Maine, USA
  • Director(s)
    Harrison May & Filipe Zappelini


At this very moment, the beautiful waters off of Maine’s Acadia National Park are at stake, where a company called American Aquafarms plans to build their next industrial scale salmon farm. An industrial ocean based salmon farm of this scale will undoubtedly have a massive negative impact on the Acadia National Park itself, as well as the livelihoods and economy of the surrounding communities.


Our Waters serves to promote awareness of the destruction which will be caused to this beautiful coastal community if this project is carried out and we aim to stop it. At the same time, we aim to inspire people to take action in the fight to save our oceans by keeping their local legislation in check, no matter where they are in the world. With our film, we’ll be showcasing the beauty of Maine’s Acadia National Park as well as creating personal portraits of our characters; the local lobstermen, oyster & kelp farmers, restaurant owners, & scientists of Maine.