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None are left behind

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    Arthur Neumeier & Daniel Herter


The more humanity progressed as a species, the more we lost our connection with nature. In western societies we have created a world where we see ourselves as the highest in the hierarchy.vAnimal and nature rights are controlled by humans, where we once co-existed inharmony with nature. All over the world we see examples where humans are depleting natural ecosystems. The Lummi Nation is now facing the consequences in their own habitat. The Southern Resident Killer Whales, with whom they lived in harmony for tens of thousands of years, are now facing extinction because of declining Salmon populations.


Our goal with this film is to create awareness for the current problem that the Southern Resident Killer whales are facing. Extinction of this species is only years away if we don't act now. By showing how the Lummi Nation tribe is living in harmony with nature, we want to inspire positive change in human behaviour across the globe. We feel that ancient knowledge can inspire and help modern society to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle.